Trump appeared to reject speculation that meeting had already been discussed quietly before he tweeted.


That indicated that somebody in Pyongyang — possibly Kim himself keeps a minute-by-minute watch on exactly what the US tweetmaster-in-chief is stating on social networking.
Trump said it just took Kim Jong Un 10 minutes to react to his tweeted suggestion for a landmark meeting in June in the boundary of North and South Korea.

How can you get him?” Trump said.
“Once I was flying to South Korea I had the thought, you know everything, I’m going to South Korea, directly alongside North Korea, with the boundary, right near there,” Trump told the New Hampshire Today radio program.
A bit more than a day after, Trump became the first serving US president to step foot in North Korea, in which he held brief discussions with Kim.

“I mean it is the strangest thing,” Trump, an early and prolific Twitter consumer, advised the radio app.

Twitter, he explained, is”an unbelievable means of communication for me… it is a means of getting the word out”
Kim himself hasn’t taken up tweets to convey his edicts and invitations.
Trump seemed to deny speculation that the assembly had been discussed softly before he tweeted June 29 in the G20 summit in Osaka:”If Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I’d meet him in the Border/DMZ merely to shake his hands and say Hello(?) !”

How folks stay educated from the Hermit State of North Korea is obviously a wonder, and US President Donald Trump might have replied it Thursday: by Twitter alarms.
“I set a tweet out ‘Hey, I’m going to South Korea. If you would like to meet for a few minutes, let us fulfill'” “And I set it out and he had been phoning within 10 minutes”
However he is apparently observing.


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