Pakistan closes three air Paths for Indian carriers


The transfer, next this season, would impact national carrier Air India’s flights visiting Europe, the US, and the Middle East among others.

After India’s move to reorganize Jammu and Kashmir to Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh, Pakistan on Wednesday held a meeting of its National Security Committee to Examine its second course of action to Take Care of the newest developments.

The connections between India and Pakistan has touched a new low since Monday with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan threatening of a traditional war over the Problem of Kashmir.
“The effect will be enormous as flying time to get our ultra long haul flights utilizing Pakistani airspace will grow by 2-3 hours,” a senior Air India official told IANS. The flag company had suffered a huge reduction of Rs 430 crore because of some other air space closed by Pakistan after the Balakot airstrike from the Indian Air Force in February.

While the atmosphere closed will affect Indian carriers, Pakistan can be expected to take enormous financial hit. Throughout the prior round of atmosphere closed, Pakistan is estimated to have dropped about Rs 850 crore at overflying charges from several carriers passing through its land.
Flying period of about 50 flights increase by roughly 10-15 minutes. “The significant route that we use for our long haul flights continue to be open and thus the effect isn’t much right now but we’ve initial inputs the remaining air paths will be closed.
The present closure of air space has been viewed as retaliation from Pakistan into India’s decision finishing the freedom provided to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. On Wednesday, Pakistan downgraded diplomatic ties with India along with suspended commerce.


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