Jammu and Kashmir govt offices to be Available from Friday, easing of People curbs to be mulled Following days


Strong safety arrangements were set up which thwarted any attempts to disturb the parties,” he added.
The Treaty ran the safety review in a high tech assembly attended by his adviser and the state authorities secretary among others in the Raj Bhawan here in Srinagar and voiced satisfaction over the security situation in the nation, said the spokesperson.
Governor Satya Pal Malik led the resumption of regular performance of the government secretariat and other offices following an overview of the security situation in the nation Thursday eveninghe added.

This was greater than the figures from the previous 3 years as it had been available for a much longer duration,” the spokesperson added.
Governor Malik chose following a report on the security situation in the nation that guaranteed calm Independence Day celebrations throughout the state, such as in its different district headquarters and everywhere, ” the spokesperson said.
That he Jammu and Kashmir authorities secretariat and other offices will begin working from Friday while easing public curbs would rely on day’s creation following the’namaaz’, a Raj Bhawan spokesperson said on Thursday.

The governor also arranged for making structures to ease the government workers’ motion to operate, ” he explained.

The governor also thanked people to be cooperative through the period of constraints and promised them that the exact same will be reduced slowly, ” he explained.

The governor also examined the finish of the Shri Amarnath Yatra, that was officially closed on Thursday following the customary worship of the sacred mace (chhari) of Lord Shiva in the Amarnath cave shrine. The mace was shot to the sacred cave Wednesday with a helicopter and has been attracted back to Srinagar following the worship now.

He said the authorities would be observing the situation through Friday prayers (namaaz) and depending on the day’s improvements, relaxations might be contemplated for the general public too, he added.


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