Animal-lovers slammed the authorities for forcing the aged elephant to participate in the Esala Perehara


Elephant specialist Jayantha Jayewardene explained the creature’s remedy.

“Clearly the animal is badly under-nourished, it’s near passing,” Jayewardene told AFP.
Tourism and wildlife ministry John Amaratunga said he ordered wildlife police to explore the way the elephant called Tikiri was made to share in a protracted parade despite her bad health.

Sri Lanka Friday ordered an investigation following a skeletal 70-year-old elephant was paraded in a high-profile Buddhist pageant at a move called cruelty into the sickly creature.
Lek Chailert, the creator of the Save Elephant Foundation, stated on social websites that audiences didn’t realise how feeble Tikiri was since she had been coated in an elaborate costume.

“I’ve already been informe”Considering what’s transpired, I’ve arranged officials to initiate an inquiry and determine why and how an elephant at these poor health was utilized from the perehara (pageant) and also to take necessary actions against those responsible.”
Many wealthy Sri Lankans keep elephants as pets, however there were many complaints of ill treatment and cruelty.d the elephant dropped yesterday,” the ministry said in an announcement.
Following a howl of protests over social networking, festival organisers withdrew the elderly creature in the grand finale on Wednesday.
The ministry said he had instructed wildlife police to ensure there was no repetition of these barbarous treatment to a 200 elephants in captivity and regularly paraded at Buddhist temple festivals.
“organizers parade their elephants to gain merit for themselves rather than for the creature. This should not have been permitted,” he explained.

Officials of the Temple of the Tooth — that organised the Esala festival in Kandy — stated Tikiri wasn’t a temple elephant, however they withdrew her from Wednesday’s finale which included dozens of different jumbos.

“No one finds her body or her weakened condition, due to her costume,” Chailert explained.
Animal-lovers slammed the police for forcing the elderly creature to take part in the yearly Esala Perehara (pageant) wearing fancy clothing at the popular nighttime festival at the central city of Kandy earlier in the week.


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